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Energy Performance Monitoring and Optimization System for DoD Campus

This session introduces ESTCP EW-201142 which focused on the development and demonstration of Energy Performance Monitoring and Optimization (EPMO) system that generates optimal control schedules by integrating various energy management tools with weather, sensor, and metering data. Project technical objectives and key technical components are introduced first.

Demonstration of Tiered Trim and Respond Method

Tiered Trim and Respond (TTR) method is a version of the Trim and Respond (TR) method in resetting variable-air-volume air handling unit or rooftop unit supply air static pressure setpoint to save significant fan energy in partial load conditions. This session explains why supply air static pressure reset saves energy, compares the difference between TR and TTR, and then discusses an ESTCP field demonstration of implementing TTR at five DoD installations in detail. The five test sites use four different building automation systems to control their HVAC equipment.